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Graduation Ceremony


I have the privilege of working with faculty and staff members who are committed to equipping students with the tools needed to lead a changing culture to Christ. The Bible and its message of grace are at the core of all we do personally and institutionally.

Here are a few of the things that make NSOT a special place to study: Our faculty is hired for their ability to engage students in the classroom. These educational leaders impact the lives of our students through their care and compassion. The faculty at NSOT also holds degrees from some of the most prestigious doctoral programs in the world. Our missional curriculum approaches today’s culture with a respect for the past and anticipation for tomorrow. NSOT is nationally accredited and is committed to offering courses and graduate degree programs that seek excellence in preparing our students for ministry.


We hope you will give us the privilege of helping you enhance your gifts, abilities, and talents, while growing your love for Christ as we advance the Kingdom of God forward in the earth.I would like to thank every one that invest their lives to seeing the vision of this institution come to past.


Yours in Christ
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