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Diploma Program Tuition: The cost is $1500 for the entire program.

Undergraduate Tuition: $55 per credit hour. Bachelors Level Tuition: $65 per credit hour. 

Masters Level Tuition:

$85 per credit hour Doctorate
Thesis/Dissertation Review Fee: $50 must accompany the submission of all
 Thesis/dissertation work.

Life Experience Credit: $50 for each life experience credit applied toward the student's degree. 

Seminar/Apprenticeship Training Credit: $50 for each apprenticeship training                                                                         or seminar training credit applied to                  the student's degree. 
Intern Credit: $60 for each credit applied toward the student's degree as the result of a six-month internship program. 
Textbooks: Most textbooks are not included with the course materials.  
Postage: The school generally pays for postage on all packages sent by the school to the student. The student is required to pay postage on all course work and other materials they send to the school. (In other      words, we will not accept C.O.D. items.) Students can eliminate postage    by uploading their written assignments to the school via the internet.  
Graduation Fee: $50  expenses. The                   fee will be $50 for students who do not attend a graduation ceremony. 
Duplicate Diploma Fee: $30 for each duplicate diploma.

Financial Informaon
TUITION AND FEES, continued 
Officail Transcripts : $50.00
Delinquent Check Fee: A $50 penalty will be charged to any student who                                            writes a bad check to the school.  

Plan 1: The student pays for his eared degree program at enrollment   takes a 15% reduction  in tuition. Other fees will be paid as they  are acquired. 
Plan 2: NSOT will calculate the cost of the student's tuition for their earned degree program. The student will pay a minimum $50 at enrollment and                 $50 a month untll the tuition for their degree program is paid in   full. All other expenses will be paid as they are acquired.  
POLICIES 1. All monies paid to NSOT are non-refundable! 2. All books and CD’s purchased by or given to the student become the property of the student. However, duplication of these materials for resale is forbidden. 3. A student may be expelled for failure to meet financial obligations to the school. If the student contacts the school we will attempt to work with them in order to avoid the expulsion. 4. NSOT will not issue grades, transcripts, or degrees to anyone who has not fulfilled their financial obligations to the school. 5. Tuition for diploma programs is payable in full at the time of enrollment. The payment plans only apply to students in degree programs.




Registration fee $50.00 Starting 9/1/2021
Most schools are priced independently, this below is the average prices, Call for information. 302-465 8077

  • Diplom 200.00
  • Associate's -200.00
  • Bachelors $200.00
  • Master's $300.00-
  • Doctorate $350.00

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