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One of the best things that happened to me in the past years; is the day I choose to enroll in the National School of Theology.  This school has been a blessing to me in my search for more wisdom and knowledge.  I will recommend The National School of Theology to all who have a hunger and thirst for the Word of God.

Pastor, Stanley Shannon

As a student of the national school of theology, i found an enlightening experience. As well as a huge learning experience, as an older lady, this is a huge blessing to even be in college and learning about God my Father. The new thing I've learned as a minister is really phenomenal.


Thank you for the opportunity, Rev. Rose Bright 

I am a  mother of 3 who works full time and is active in my church. This school has allowed me to go back to school around my schedule and for that I’m truly grateful.


Dr. Short teaches us how to dissect the scriptures to get a deeper understanding of the Word. God uses him to break down the scriptures so that it can be comprehended on any level.  Each class I have taken so far has been beneficial, not just in getting my degree but in my personal life as well. From Bible Advance class to understanding the “Monsters of the mind”to learning Hermanuetics ; this school addresses every aspect of theology. Once you graduate, you will truly be a Bible scholar.  I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to further their understanding of the Bible. If I can do it, anybody can do it

My Testimony
Praise the Lord! God has been so very good to me. Before I
enrolled at the National School of Theology (NSOT) I had been
researching online graduate programs in theology for over a
year. I was searching for quality education while meeting my
requirement of being most/all of the classes online (I work a full
time job and am a full time mother). I am so thankful someone
recommended I look into the NSOT. I will tell you it was a
matter of minutes from the time when I submitted a request for
more information off of the school’s website until a received an
email from a real person responding to my request! That is
immediate service! From the time I requested more information
about the school until the time I enrolled was a few hours. I
have not looked back! There is no reason not to excel in your
studies at the NSOT. Class instruction is clear and concise, not
to mention there is always an invitation to further discuss topics
outside of the classroom. If you are committed to advancing
your understanding of God’s Word then the NSOT will be
committed to you!
Demica Ware

Pastor Shannon, NY

Rev Rose,  Iowa


Danielle Black Tx

Demica Ware

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