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Chaplaincy Training

Become a certified counselor

  • 250 US dollars
  • online or phone

Service Description

Chaplaincy is the ministry of presence. It’s about being in the room, unrushed, and attuned to someone else’s needs – whether that means engaging in a conversation about the meaning of life or fetching someone a coffee while they sit with an injured family member. Chaplains are best known for their work in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes and hospice centers, but they also serve law enforcement officers, first responders, military personnel, and prison inmates. Recently, there has been a surge in chaplains hired to serve employees at large corporations. Chaplains do essential work by nurturing the heart of a person in a way no one else can: In a hospital, they dedicate time to patients that busy medical personnel can’t spare In a corporate office, they ask the deep questions that coworkers find awkward In the military, they provide a space where vulnerability is safe

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