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Words from the staff


Our Specialities: • DBS, D.Min, Th.D, Dr.Apol. Programs • A Highly Qualified Faculty (Most Have Doctorates) • Liberalized Admission Schemes For Qualified Students • You Do Research In Your Area Of Interest • A Qualified Mentor For Each Student.

The purpose of N.S.O.T is NOT to force you to study a lot of unwanted and theoretical subjects. Rather, our purpose is to help you. Thus the courses have two parts: a required one, and an auxiliary. The second part is tailor-made by your guide to suit the needs of your ministry. Tuition-Free Teaching is made available every year to a number of students because we do not want anyone to be deprived of training irrespective of their financial status. This is made possible by the generosity of many of the Faculty Members who provide free service for net-based students. Also, here is a school that allows you to study at your convenience. You might be a busy professional, evangelist, pastor, or a homemaker struggling to get a bit of study time. You need not worry, you are free to make your own time-table. Our goal is to help you. Since the approach of N.S.O.T is radically different from that of other theological institutions, I urge you to read every item carefully so that you can get maximum benefit out of what we have to offer. May God Bless You,

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