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Doctoral Dissertation




Guidelines for Dissertation Preparation

Doctoral Dissertation (8-12 credits 
This is required for Doctor of Divinity (D.Div.), Doctor of Christian Philosophy (D.C.Phil.), and Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degrees, and optional for other doctoral degrees. Length: 100-200 pages typed and single-spaced (maximum 12-point font).
General Guidelines
Make your dissertation true to life, relevant, practical, meaningful and anointed by the Holy Spirit. Follow the leading of God in your heart.
In what area does God want to grant you revelatory insight? How does He want it organized? This dissertation is about your personal growth and maturity in God in a specific area in which He is calling you to develop. For more help see Dr.Short

Most Doctoral degrees require the completion of 40 credits beyond the Master's degree. $75- $95 per credit

  1. 3) a practicum or internship experience. The student is expected to work together with the Dean in designing a program that will meet his desire for growth in the area(s) in which God has placed a passion in his heart. The following degrees require 60 credits beyond the Master's degree, including a mandatory doctoral dissertation: Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Christian Philosophy. These credits may come from a combination of 1) courses taken; 2) an original thesis or ministry project, and
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