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The Truth about Healing




8 Weeks


About the Course

1. Foundational Teaching for Healing and
Deliverance 5 pg3
2. Some Observable Symptoms of Possible
Denomination 39 pg16
3. Understanding Demons Entry Points 63 pg23
4. How Demons Enter 67 pg29
5. Getting them ready for Deliverance 92 pg40
6. Some Possible Demonic Manifestations 105 pg45
7. Why Some People are not Delivered 117 pg49
8. Major Keys to Staying Free 121 pg51
9. Contrasts Between Spiritual and Unspiritual
Views of Healing 127 pg53
10 Prayer for Healing 138

Your Instructor

Dr Short

Dr Short

The Professor of the NSOT, he holds two doctors degrees and is an master chaplain certified In 2002, Dr. Short opened schools in the city Delmar, DE, and Dover, DE, Buffalo NY, Atlanta Georgia Texas and many other cities and states. Not only was he instrumental in opening the schools, but he also authored four of the course books currently working on a fifth book, “The Truth About Healing and Deliverance”, which is bound to be not only educational but like all that precedes it, inspirational as well.

Today his list of accomplishments are continually multiplying.

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