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National School of Theology

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The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers you the opportunity to receive college credits for what you already know by earning qualifying score to receive your Associates or Bachelors Degree.

The CLEP Exam allows you to have acquired comprehensive knowledge through independent or prior study, on the job training, or cultural pursuit to show that they have the understanding of college-level material.

This exam requires a deposit of $50.00 (none –refundable), the total cost for this exam will be

$1,500.00; Payments can be made through the National School of Theology website at You will receive your degree after your final payment is made.


You will have five days to complete this exam.


The scoring process is as follows:


Test scores 70-89 you will receive an Associates Degree

Test scores 90 and above you will receive your Bachelors Degree

Test scores 69 and under is Failure



In His Service

Dr. Orlando Short, Dmin

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